Demelza Hays the way to the highest-quality money, the next Bitcoin bull market and advice for small investors

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Demelza Hays is a crypto researcher, asset manager, entrepreneur and is teaching at the University of Liechtenstein courses on blockchain technology. She installed the first Bitcoin ATM in Liechtenstein and is currently conducting a research on the correlation between hashrate and the price of Bitcoin. She is the Co-Author of the quarterly Cryptoresearch Report and asset manager at Incrementum AG.

We had a fascinating discussion about a variety of topics around money, wealth, digital assets and cryptocurrencies. And by the way: she thinks that the next Bitcoin bull market as begun.

  • How cryptocurrencies could support women in India
  • Obstacles for the lightning network as a micropayment method
  • Relationship of hashrate and Bitcoins price
  • Robust optimization for cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralized stablecoin backed by Bitcoin
  • Maybe the next bull market has started
  • Large investors are not ready yet
  • Electricity providers getting into mining and investing
  • Security of Bitcoin
  • Facebook-Coin
  • Personal advice for small investors
  • The problem with utility tokens

“As a money we want stability.” – Demelza Hays

“I want to see competition in money. I think that is how we are going to produce the highest-quality money that humans have ever seen.” – Demelza Hays

“I am not interested in a money that has a single point of failure.” – Demelza Hays


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  1. ShaApril 2, 2019

    Great podcast, I’ll add you into my list of podcast.

    1. Anita PoschApril 2, 2019

      Nice, thanks Sha!


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