Leah Wald on possibilities for women in the Bitcoin space and why we still are in a bear market

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Leah Wald is a development economist, financial analyst and Partner & Executive Vice President at Lucid Investment Strategies. Together with Tyler Jenks she is the host of their Hyperwave Channel on YouTube. Leah began her career at 19 working at the World Bank in the Africa Region and has applied social entrepreneurship to help goat herders in Mongolia, local entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. as well as to first-time businesswomen in India.

In this Bitcoin & Co. episode we discuss these topics:

  • Women in sports, knee injuries and Soccer (yes, really)
  • Female investors in Bitcoin and the presence of women in other male dominated spaces
  • Bitcoin usecases for women in developing countries like India
  • M-Pesa and microfinance banking
  • Collaboration in the bitcoin space
  • Altcoins as issues for confusion and the necessity for regulation
  • Asset management, ETFs and Bitcoin
  • Reasons for the Bitcoin bear market
  • Investing techniques
  • Scams and bitcoin(dot)com
Photography: Daisy Komen


Leah Wald on Twitter
Hyperwave on YouTube
Lucid Investment Strategies
Leah is referring to Tone Vays and Tyler Jenks, her business partner.


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