#003 | Saifedean Ammous, Economist and Author of “The Bitcoin Standard”

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In this talk Saifedean Ammous is talking about Austrian economics, it’s relation to Bitcoin, what sound money and inflation are, why proof-of-work is so important and his vision for money and bitcoin in the future. Also we talk about the origins of his interest in bitcoin and why many Bitcoiners are carnivores.

My guest in this podcast is Saifedean Ammous. He is the author of “The Bitcoin Standard” a book about the history of money, austrian economics and the reasons why Bitcoin is superior to other forms of money tried in the past.

Saifedean Ammous makes a compelling argument for why Bitcoin is so special. It is not a technical book from a developers point of view, it is more a book that explains bitcoin in combination with its economical and technical foundations.

As one of his readers writes in his review:

“If you ever considered ‘getting into Bitcoin’. If you never heard of Bitcoin. If you are a long-time holder of Bitcoin. This book is for you.”

Saifedean Ammous is working as an assistant professor of economics at the Adnan Kassar School of Business in Beirut and holds a PhD in Sustainable Development from Columbia University in New York, USA.

In May 2018 he was starting his book tour here in Vienna, Austria. I also attended this legendary meetup organized by Bitcoin Austria and there is a video of his talk on youtube. You find the link to the video in the shownotes of this Podcast.


Saifedeans talk at the Bitcoin Austria MeetUp

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